Delivery Service

During these extraordinarily challenging times we want to ensure we can support everyone in the community the way you’ve supported us so we have decided to launch a home delivery service for anyone within a 5 mile radius of Refill Quarter. This is a new challenge for us so please bear with us, it may evolve and change and hopefully improve with time.

How It Works

The Process

  • You will email us your order and we will do our very best to deliver as soon as possible, it may be a few days. Please only contact us to enquire about your order if you have not heard from us after five days.
  • We will require card payment which will be taken over the phone before delivery. We will call you for payment. Ensure the number you provide is correct, if we cannot reach you or you do no answer we will not be able to deliver your order.
  • We have compiled a list of popular items, please see below, which can be ordered in 50g increments or 10g increments for herbs and spices. Please allow for orders to have a variance in weight.
  • A £3 delivery charge will be added to all orders.
  • We will contact you to advise on a delivery time.
  • We’ll set a box with your items on your doorstep, step away and allow you to take your items. If any order is either too big or too small we will ring you to let you know.
  • For now, we will be using our paper bags for all products which means that we won’t be able to deliver liquid refills just yet.
  • You will need to send us your order via the form located at the bottom of this page.
  • Please ensure:
  • You include your full address and a mobile contact number
  • Each refill item is named and the required weight in 50g increments is specified*
  • Herbs and spices are specified in 10g increments*
  • Please note, if there are any issues with stock or order sizes we will contact you.
  • *Please allow for orders to have a variance in weight.

Product List

 Prices listed are per 100g, except Herbs & Spices which are priced per 10g.


Porridge Oats 19p

Organic jumbo oats 24p 

Corn Flakes 39p

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies 40p

Bran Flakes (organic) 53p 

Organic Muesli 52p

Oat Crispy Crunch Granola 42p


Plain Flour 12p

Self Raising 11p

Strong white flour 10p

Wholemeal 9p

Soda bread flour 15p

Rye flour 17p

Organic plain flour 18p

Organic self raising flour 19p

Cornflour 30p NEW

Chickpea flour (organic) 34p NEW

Ground almonds £1.26

Baking Products

Bicarbonate of soda 40p

Instant yeast £1.04

Baking powder 62p

Cocoa powder (organic) 80p

Dried Fruit

Raisins 50p

Prunes 61p

Apricots 71p

Dates 69p 

Mixed dried fruit with peel  56p

Mixed dried fruit without peel 58p

Banana chips 80p

Goji berries £1.79 NEW

Cranberries £1.23 NEW

Apple rings 91p NEW

Figs 81p NEW

Mango pieces (organic) £1.69 NEW

Nuts & Seeds

Brazil nuts (organic) £2.25 NEW

Pecans £1.76

Macadamias £2.85 NEW

Roasted salted pistachios (with shells) £1.33

Pistachio kernels £2.61 NEW

Raw cashews £1.31

Ethically grown cashew pieces (organic) £1.61 NEW

Roasted cashews £1.53 out of stock

Raw almonds £1.27

Roasted almonds £1.50 out of stock

Flaked almonds £1.25

Ground almonds £1.26

Raw peanuts 54p

Roasted and salted peanuts 59p

Chopped mixed nuts 85p

Pine nuts £4.50

Hazelnuts £1.34

Walnuts £1.35

Trail Mix 88p NEW

Flaxseeds (Linseeds) 50p

Sunflower seeds 72p

Pumpkins seeds 60p

Chia seeds £1.10

Sesame seeds 75p

Black sesame seeds 94p

Popping corn 31p 

Mixed seeds 60p

Poppy seeds 90p

Desiccated coconut 66p

Cacao nibs (organic) £1.88

Grains & Pulses

Couscous 18p

Semolina 19p NEW

Green lentils 25p

Puy lentils  42p

Red lentils (organic) 39p

Yellow split peas 21p NEW

Chickpeas 42p

Quinoa (organic) 69p

Pearl Barley 12p

Bulgur wheat 23p

Polenta 17p

Black beans 30p

Mung beans 42p NEW

Kidney beans 28p

Soup/broth mix 24p NEW

Nutritional yeast £2.80

Pea protein powder (organic) £2.80 NEW

Spirulina (organic) £2.26 NEW

Herbs & Spices per 10g

Chilli flakes 29p

Chilli powder 15p

Ground cinnamon 23p

Cinnamon sticks 79p

Cumin seed 24p

Ground cumin 20p

Coriander seed 39p

Ground coriander 24p

Curry powder 13p

Cardamom pods 59p

Cayenne pepper 20p

Pickling spice 33p

Garlic powder 11p

Garlic granules 17p

Whole cloves 30p

Whole star anise 67p 

Ground nutmeg 30p

Ground ginger 22p

Paprika 17p NEW

Smoked paprika 18p

Fennel seeds 11p NEW

Onion powder 11p NEW

Parsley 72p

Oregano 33p

Basil 39p

Rosemary 26p

Tarragon 83p

Mint 40p

Mixed herbs 42p

Thyme 44p

Sage 44p

Bay leaves 75p

Salt & Pepper

Whole black peppercorns 15p/10g

Mixed whole peppercorns 26p/10g

Cracked black pepper 16p/10g

Coarse sea salt 25p

Fine sea salt 13p

Black Himalayan salt 59p NEW

Sage and onion stuffing 29p 


Granulated 8p

Caster 11p

Icing 22p

Soft dark brown 27p

Demerara 31p

Coconut sugar (organic) 79p NEW


Long grain 10p

Basmati 19p

Brown rice 17p

Arborio (risotto) 28p

Hot Drinks

Please specify at time of order whether you want whole beans or ground, all prices per 100g

Root and Branch Telma Machado £3.75

Belfast Coffee Roasters Brazilian £2.80

Belfast Coffee Roasters Colombian £3.05

Belfast Coffee Roasters decaf £3.98

Chocolate cocoa husk tea £3.50

Refuge chocolate melts £3 (1 melt 45g, please specify how many melts required)

Cocoa powder (organic) 85p

Suki Tea Belfast Brew £4.40

Suki Tea Peppermint £14.33

Suki Tea Chamomile £14.33

Suki Tea Sencha Green £4.80


Orecchiette 26p

Conchiglie 18p

Fusilli 18p NEW

Cavatelli 18p

Whole wheat fusilli 19p

Spaghetti 19p

Organic pennette 27p NEW

Organic whole wheat pennete 28p

Orzo 18p

Gluten Free

White flour 23p

Fusilli 24p

Penne 24p NEW

Porridge Oats 46p NEW

Treats & Snacks

Bombay Mix 41p

Milk chocolate coated peanuts 67p

Milk chocolate coated raisins 65p

Yoghurt coated raisins 74p

Yoghurt coated almonds 81p

Mint Imperials 48p

Vegan sweets non-fizzy mix £1.80

Vegan sweets fizzy mix £1.80

Vegan fizzy tongues £1.80

Vegan watermelon sours £1.80 

Vegan chocolate buttons £2.75

Vegan fudge £1.60

Refuge chocolate melts £3 (1 melt 45g, please specify how many melts required)

Kitchen & Bathroom

Fill dishwashing powder 30p

Fill laundry powder 36p

Epsom salts 19p

Citric acid 43p

Bicarbonate of soda 40p


Please specify with or without fluoride £10.85 per 100g (30 tabs approx 10g)

Non Weighed Items



Superfly dish soap £5

Marseille dish soap £5.65

Cotton non-sponge cloth 2 pack £5.50

Reusable organic cotton tea bag 75p

Wooden handheld pot brush £4

Wooden dish brush with replaceable head £3.95 out of stock

Dish brush replacement head £1.95

Loofah scrub pad £2.95

Loofco dish brush £3.50

Loofco bottle brush £3.50

Metal straw £1.20

Beeswax wraps 4 pack £15.50

Boatyard hand sanitiser 200ml £4.95

Boatyard hand sanitiser 5l £36


The Good Roll recycled paper toilet roll 60p

Averil Milligan soap bar £5.95*

Averil Milligan shampoo bar £7.95*

Deborah Neill soap or shampoo bar small £2.40 large £6.95*

Superfly conditioner bar £5*

Marseille soap cube £5.65

Green Ladies deodorant £11/ vegan deodorant £12.50*

Pit Putty deodorant £9.95*

Organic cotton reusable baby wipes 8 pack £5

Bamboo toothbrush £2.65

Child bamboo toothbrush £2.50

Beech toothbrush £3.50

Toothfaerie toothpaste £7.50*

A Blissful Blend hand cream £8.25

A Blissful Blend lip balm £4.95

Kindly Island washable menstrual pads 3 pack £15.50

Kindly Island day pad £6.70

Kindly Island longline night pad £8.15

Mooncup size A or B £21

*please specify a scent or flavour if known. If nothing is specified we will chose one for you.

Pet, Garden & Stationery

Irish wildflower seed bombs 15p each

Alder tree bombs 15p each

Sprout pencil (chose from sunflower, forget-me-not, cherry tomato, basil or sage) £1.65

Narrow paper tape £2.15

Wide paper tape £3.85

Superfly dog shampoo bar small £3 


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Refill Quarter will deliver to your specified safe place wherever possible and if it is safe to do so.